Hawaii's Josh Moniz dropped the big digits today at the US Open. Photo: Michael Lallande
Jul 31, 2014

Day 6 Recap - Wright, Cardoso, Andre and Moniz Turn Heads at HB

By: Adam Espino -- Huntington Beach

The swell subsided for most of the day today, with the morning’s Women’s heats benefitting from the day’s best wind conditions. Eight women battled in four heats to secure spots in the Women’s Quarterfinals against top competitors Malia Manuel, Carissa Moore, Sally Fitzgibbons, and Stephanie Gilmore.  Nikki Van Dijk narrowly edged out young Hawaiian Tatiana Weston-Webb in Heat 1 of the morning.  Australian Tyler Wright put on the premier Round 4 performance with a heat score of 17.67.

Women’s Round 4 was followed by eight “no-lose” heats in Men’s Round 3.  Brazilian Willian Cardoso continued his destruction of the southside HB pier break with a heat score of 17.20.  Fellow Brazilian Jadson Andre had the heat of the day with a 17.97 overall score.  Hawaiian Keanu Asing has silently strung together a solid tournament, with today’s 16.73 adding fuel to the fire.

With surf conditions souring the Junior Men ran four heats of the Junior Men’s Pro Quarterfinals.  Amongst a sea of sub-14 heat scores, Josh Moniz stunned the crowd with a 17.23 in the day’s final heat.

Surf stadium continued to channel good vibes in the post-competition hour, as the great people from Life Rolls On took the water for an hour-long Expression Session.

Anxiously anticipating the commencement of the Van Doren Invitational tomorrow, the bowl was consistently filled with athletes preparing for the skate and BMX competitions.