Vans BMX Pro Cup Riders




Larry Edgar

Age: 25

Hometown: Corona, CA USA

Born and bred in the Golden State, Californian Larry Edgar’s powerful riding dominated the contest scene in 2017, taking home the Vans BMX Pro Cup World Champion title. Proving that he favors no particular discipline, Edgar’s colossal airs and smooth style have been exhibited in countless competitions and video projects, earning him the 2017 NORA Cup Reader’s Choice Rider of the Year. Composed like a true ATV, Edgar is known as one of the most diverse BMX riders to date.


Sergio Layos

Age: 33

Hometown: Madrid, Spain

Sergio had three consecutive podium appearances during last year’s Vans BMX Pro Cup series and took home second-place at the first 2018 VPC Pro Tour stop in Australia. Sergio’s consistent podium appearances make him a star contender to watch during this year’s Vans BMX Pro Cup Pro Tour. Vans Europe team rider, Sergio is highly regarded as one of Europe’s finest BMX talents. 



Kevin Peraza

Age: 23

Hometown: Tuscon, Arizona USA

Granted the 2016 NORA Cup Dirt Rider of the year and showcasing and one of the heaviest video parts in Vans’ Illustrated video, Kevin excels in dirt, park and in street, making him one of the best all-around riders in the industry. Vans BMX global team rider, Kevin is a crowd favorite no matter where he goes in the world. His positive personality and technical trick selection makes him a top contender for this year’s VPC World Championship contest.


Pat Casey

Age: 24

Hometown:  Placentia, California USA


Favorite park terrain trick? 360

Do you have a pre-contest ritual? No. Just show up and ride.

Favorite place to ride? MY HOUSE!


Matt Cordova

Age: 27

Hometown: Longmont, CO USA

Favorite park terrain trick? Favorite park trick would be a tabletop over a boosty left hip

Do you have a pre-contest ritual? No, I try to think of a contest as just another session. So keep it as mellow as possible beforehand.

Favorite place to ride? That would be the best skatepark ever, the Boulder skatepark in Colorado. Endless flow and grippy concrete, recipe for great times.


Dennis Enarson

Age: 27

Hometown: San Diego, California USA

Favorite park terrain trick? Tailwhips are always fun in park.

Do you have a pre-contest ritual? No not really, just try and get a good nights sleep and make sure I have my lines dialed before the contest starts.

Favorite place to ride? My ramps in San Diego, or the Clairemont skatepark right now since my Ramps need a little work.


Chase Hawk

Age: 31

Hometown: Austin, Texas USA

Favorite park terrain trick? 360 Table

Do you have a pre-contest ritual? No ritual other than a lot of stretching and getting my body prepared for the contest. I try to keep my mind clear and visualize it as any other daily park session.

Favorite place to ride?  House Park in Austin, Texas


Corey Walsh

Age: 23

Hometown: Ayr, Ontario

Favorite park terrain trick? None, should probably learn some tricks.

Do you have a pre-contest ritual? I try not to at all, just do what I usually would, go ride or hangout with people, Gotta keep it fun.

Favorite place to ride? Hastings, Vancouver BC



Jason Watts

Age: 25

Hometown: Brisbane, Queensland

Favorite park terrain trick? Table top

Do you have a pre-contest ritual? Having a good night out with all the dudes the night before to ease the nerves.

Favorite place to ride? Favorite place to ride is back home in Australia anywhere, where all the dudes are and the session is pumping.


Gary Young

Age: 35

Hometown: San Diego, California USA

Favorite park terrain trick? Table

Do you have a pre-contest ritual? No, but I should come up with some sort of eccentric ritual... maybe not.

Favorite place to ride? Too much of any one spot gets boring, so I like to switch it up a lot.




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