Kelly Slater in action at the 2013 Vans US Open of Surfing // Photo: Michael Lallande
Jun 30, 2014


Top Surfers Set to Ignite World Class Competition As City Commemorates 100 Years of Surfing in Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach, CA (July 1, 2014) – As anticipation intensifies for the 2014 Vans US Open of Surfing, Vans, the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP), and event owner and producer, IMG, announce this year’s impressive surfing line-up. Featuring the world’s best names in surfing, this year’s talent includes 2013 men’s and women’s champions Alejo Muniz and Carissa Moore, Kelly Slater, Julian Wilson, Pat Gudauskas, Sally Fitzgibbons and Brazilian Jr. Yago Dora. 

The Vans US Open is a pivotal point on the Men’s ASP Qualification Series and Women’s World Championship Tour (WCT). For the men, a win at the Vans US Open – ASP Men’s Prime event – will earn them valuable points toward a coveted Top 10 QS ranking. And for the women, with a close race for the ASP World Title, the Vans US Open of Surfing marks a key midseason stop on the Women’s WCT. Alongside the ASP QS and WCT competition, Vans will host the ASP Pro Juniors for men’s and women’s, prepping the field for a spot in the coveted ASP World Junior Championships. In addition, the invite-only Vans Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational, presented by Pacifico, returns to Huntington Beach with new invitees including 2012 & 2013 ASP Women’s Longboard Champ Kelia Moniz, Troy Mothershead, and Devon Howard plus 13 more talented longboarders who embody the expressive style and creativity of longboarding. Reinforced by contest director Joel Tudor’s legacy of eight US Open Longboarding Championships, the Duct Tape contests remain an influential platform honoring Huntington Beach’s competitive surfing community.  

The 2014 Vans US Open of Surfing, owned and operated by IMG, will run from July 26 to August 3. All events are free and open to the public and can be viewed daily on the live webcast at The surfing event will also be syndicated internationally by IMG Media, bringing all the live action to more than 110 countries around the globe. 

The Vans US Open of Surfing is proudly sponsored by FIAT, iON Cameras, G-Shock, Pacifico, Paul Mitchell Salon Haircare, Red Bull, Bose® and Surfing Magazine.

For more information on Huntington Beach’s celebration of 100 Years of Surfing, please visit

Men’s Prime Participants

Slater, Kelly USA International   11-Feb-72 2 6
Smith, Jordy    ZAF International  11-Feb-88 4 3
Wilson, Julian     AUS  International 8-Nov-88 6 1
Otton, Kai  AUS  International   16-Dec-79 7 23
Young, Nat USA International 17-Jun-91 8 9
Kerr, Josh AUS  International  29-Mar-84 9 5
Hobgood, CJ USA International   6-Jul-79 11 18
Toledo, Filipe   BRA International   16-Apr-95 15 19
Zietz, Sebastian   HAW International   6-Feb-88 16 20
Buchan, Adrian AUS  International   21-Sep-82 17 8
Flores, Jeremy   FRA International 27-Apr-88 18 16
Pupo, Miguel BRA International   19-Nov-91 19 26
Patacchia, Fredrick HAW International   15-Dec-81 19 15
Durbidge, Bede AUS  International   2-Feb-83 21 25
Melling, Adam   AUS  International   29-Mar-85 23 12
Simpson, Brett   USA International  5-Jan-85 23 32
Logie, Travis ZAF International  11-May-79 25 29
Andino, Kolohe USA International 22-Mar-94 26 17
Muniz, Alejo BRA International   22-Feb-90 29 21
Andre, Jadson BRA International   13-Mar-90   22
Crews, Mitch AUS  International  5-Apr-90   24
Aranburu, Aritz ESP International   30-Aug-85   27
Monteiro, Raoni   BRA International   7-May-82 33 28
Atkinson, Dion   AUS  International 29-Apr-86   31
Coleborn, Mitch   AUS  Australasia 15-Jan-87   33
Cardoso, Willian  BRA South America   8-Feb-86 35 34
Lacomare, Marc FRA Europe   4-Jul-90   35
Larsen, Granger  HAW Hawaii 3-Feb-90   36
Lau, Ezekiel HAW Hawaii   23-Nov-93   36
Hobgood, Damien   USA North America  6-Jul-79 29 38
Gudauskas, Patrick     USA North America 20-Nov-85 27 39
Coffin, Conner USA North America  13-Jul-93   40
Nicol, Yadin AUS  Australasia 16-Jan-85 27 41
Carmichael, Wade   AUS  Australasia 1-Nov-92   41
Munoz, Carlos  CRI North America 28-Jan-93   43
Payne, Dusty HAW Hawaii 27-Dec-88 32 44
Hall, Glenn IRL Australasia 11-Nov-81 33 44
Thompson, Jay  AUS  Australasia 16-Aug-82   45
Gudauskas, Tanner USA North America   4-Jul-88   46
Hermes, Tomas BRA South America  28-Feb-87   47
Jabour, Kiron  HAW Hawaii 10-Jan-91   48
De Vries, Beyrick ZAF Africa 14-Dec-92   49
Banting, Matt  AUS Australasia 25-Jun-94   50
Gonzalez, Jonathan    CNY Europe 22-Aug-80   51
Ibelli, Caio  BRA South America 11-Oct-93   52
Huscenot, Maxime   FRA Europe 17-May-92   53
Crisanto, Peterson  BRA South America 20-Mar-92   54
Boukhiam, Ramzi MAR Europe 14-Sep-93   55
Kymerson, Krystian  BRA South America     24-Dec-92   56
Kennedy, Stu AUS Australasia 28-Nov-89   57
Dantas, Wiggolly     BRA South America 16-Dec-89   58
Morais, Frederico  PRT Europe 3-Jan-92   59
Reyes, Tim USA North America 9-Jun-82   61
Ho, Mason HAW Hawaii 1-Sep-88   62
Collazo, Hodei EUK Europe 30-Jun-84   63
Mendes, Jesse   BRA South America 9-Jan-93   64
Carmo, David do   BRA South America 3-Apr-84   65
Hedge, Nathan AUS Australasia 28-May-79   66
Toth, Brian PRI North America 28-May-85   67
Martin, Charles GLP Europe 4-Apr-90   68
Yeomans, Nathan USA North America 18-Aug-81   69
Duru, Joan FRA Europe 25-Apr-89   70
Staples, Dale ZAF Africa 4-Jan-91   71
Chapman, Cooper  AUS Australasia 10-May-94   72
Perillo, Dillon  USA North America 13-May-90   73
Asing, Keanu HAW Hawaii 30-May-93   74
Reynolds, Dane USA North America 7-Sep-85   75
Callinan, Ryan AUS Australasia 27-May-92   76
Fernandez, Marco  BRA South America 24-Sep-91   77
Christie, Ricardo NZL Australasia 13-Oct-88   78
Camarao, Thiago BRA South America 2-Jul-88   79
Ohhara,Hiroto JPN Japan 14-Nov-96   79
Whitaker, Tom  AUS Australasia 4-Oct-79   79
Da Silva, Jean BRA South America 6-Feb-85   80
Eleogram, Olamana HAW Hawaii 28-May-86   81
Duvignac, Vincent  FRA Europe 15-Dec-87   82
Parkes, Garrett  AUS Australasia 22-Jul-91   83
Stairmand, Billy  NZL Australasia 21-Oct-89   84
Felix, Messias BRA South America 18-Feb-86   85
Standlick,Perth AUS Australasia 6-Jul-90   87
Alves,Heitor BRA South America 3-Apr-82 38 88
Romero,Vicente ESP Europe 1-Jul-92   89
Meister,Torrey HAW Hawaii 6-Jun-88   90
Geiselman,Evan USA North America 31-Aug-93   92
Woods,Thomas AUS Australasia 24-Dec-92   93
Lipke,Marlon PRT Europe 13-Feb-84   94

Women's Participants

Moore, Carissa HAW 39,700
Fitzgibbons, Sally AUS 38,200
Gilmore, Stephanie AUS 32,750
Wright, Tyler AUS 31,000
Manuel, Malia HAW 25,400
Buitendag, Bianca ZAF 23,450
Peterson, Lakey USA 21,700
Stoyle, Dimity AUS 20,050
Enever, Laura AUS 18,750
Conlogue, Courtney USA 17,200
Ho, Coco HAW 17,200
Quizon, Alessa HAW 15,300
Ado, Pauline FRA 13,750
Van Dijk, Nikki AUS 13,750
Defay, Johanne FRA 13,750
Hareb, Paige NZL 13,400
Blanchard, Alana HAW 8,750
Weston-Webb, Tatiana HAW 6,600

Men’s Jr. Pro Participants 

Round 64 Moniz, Joshua HAW 27-Jun-96 1738
Round 64 Halstead, Jake USA 4-May-94 1725
Round 64 Moniz, Seth HAW 9-Sep-97 1718
Round 64 David, Kalani HAW 4-Nov-97 1553
Round 64 Richards, Cam USA 25-Sep-95 1380
Round 64 Coffin, Parker USA 26-Sep-95 1120
Round 64 Clark, Taylor USA 23-Sep-95 1038
Round 64 Glenn, Daniel  USA 11-May-96 968
Round 64 Schweizer, Noah USA 17-Oct-95 831
Round 64 Harris, Knox USA 19-Jun-95 829
Round 64 McGonagle, Noe Mar CRI 17-Apr-96 804
Round 64 Ward, Colt USA 29-Apr-97 791
Round 64 Smith, Koa HAW 2-Jan-95 761
Round 64 Naihe, Keala HAW 8-Apr-94 746
Round 64 Tudela, Miguel PER 26-Dec-94 741
Round 64 Hdez, Nic USA 29-Oct-96 726
Round 64 Igarashi, Kanoa  USA 1-Oct-97 692
Round 64 Colapinto, Griffin USA 29-Jul-98 689
Round 64 Panesi, Kadin USA 21-Apr-95 649
Round 64 Thornton, Trevor USA 27-Nov-94 608
Round 64 Panesi, Brogie USA 6-Nov-96 604
Round 64 Marshall, Jake USA 12-Nov-98 594
Round 64 Jacobson, Andrew USA 8-Jun-95 572
Round 64 Schulz, Kevin USA 29-Jul-95 555
Round 64 Marks, Luke USA 19-Sep-98 555
Round 64 Schmidt, Pat USA 14-Apr-95 553
Round 64 Moran, Colin USA 22-Mar-95 524
Round 64 Kino, Kaito USA 25-Aug-94 514
Round 64 Burke, Joshua BRB 23-Feb-97 503
Round 64 Devault, Imaikalani HAW 12-Nov-97 467
Round 64 Merrell, Robbie USA 3-Oct-95 458
Round 64 Gomes, Derek VEN 9-Sep-96 400
Round 64 McKinna-Worrell, Thelen USA 12-Jan-97 397
Round 64 Taylor, Breyden USA 27-Jun-94 371
Round 64 Napeahi, Ulualoha HAW 2-Nov-96 364
Round 64 Daly, Kain USA 23-Feb-95 361
Round 64 Miles, Addison USA 14-Feb-97 359
Round 64 Szekely, Jacob USA 20-Nov-95 356
Round 64 Mathiesen, Taylor USA 27-Nov-95 353
Round 64 Kelley, Jake USA 24-May-95 336
Round 64 Leavel, Morgan USA 21-Feb-94 326
Round 64 Mamiya, Barron HAW 27-Jan-00 301
Round 64 Glenn, Matthew USA 8-Oct-98 297
Round 64 Mesinas Novaro, Lucca PER 20-Apr-96 296
Round 64 Carlston, Ethan USA 19-Jul-95 293
Round 64 Saldivar, Lucca PER 22-Aug-97 285
Round 64 Gunter, Tyler USA 26-Jan-00 281
Round 64 Laine-Toner, Myles USA 7-Feb-94 270
Round 64 Berk, Danny USA 24-Mar-94 267
Round 64 Davis, Jake USA 18-Jan-97 241
Round 64 McCullough, Skip USA 5-Jan-96 233
Round 64 Olivera, Kona HAW 25-Jul-98 229
Round 64       Event Wild Card
Round 64       Event Wild Card
Round 64 Ohhara, Hiroto JPN 14-Nov-96 Japan
Round 64 Nakamura, Takumi JPN 8-Apr-97 Japan
Round 64       Europe
Round 64       Europe
Round 64       Australasia
Round 64       Australasia
Round 64 Lightfoot, Dylan ZAF 12-Jan-95 Africa 
Round 64 Prestwich, Slade ZAF 24-Feb-95 Africa
Round 64       South America
Round 64       South America

Women’s Jr. Pro Participants

Round 16 McGill, Dax HAW Mar-11-1998 1129
Round 16 Nagy, Bailey HAW Feb-04-1996 1081
Round 16 Maeda, Mahina HAW Feb-15-1998 1007
Round 16 Hennessy, Brisa HAW Sep-16-1999 914
Round 16 Tuach, Chelsea BRB Dec-02-1995 908
Round 16 Blanco, Tia USA May-05-1997 879
Round 16 Kinimaka, Mainei HAW Apr-15-1998 824
Round 16 Harrer, Frankie USA Dec-14-1997 821
Round 24 Weston-Webb, Tatiana HAW May-09-1996 813
Round 24 Collins, Meah USA Aug-20-1999 655
Round 24 Kinimaka, Maluhia HAW Oct-02-1996 571
Round 24 Roett, Chelsea BRB Aug-26-1994 553
Round 24 Detmers, Shelby USA Mar-09-1994 415
Round 24 Davis, Quincy USA May-18-1995 369
Round 24 Peterson, Maddie USA Jan-24-1998 316
Round 24 McDougall, Zoe HAW Jan-17-2000 286
Round 24 Ward, Malia USA Aug-20-1997 264
Round 24 Dean, Jazmine USA Feb-19-1997 257
Round 24 Loveland, Kylie USA Oct-06-1997 257
Round 24 Taylor, Lea USA May-08-1996 208
Round 24       Australasia
Round 24 Giunta, Melanie PER Jan-23-1997 South America
Round 24 Noro, Reika JPN Dec-13-1994 Japan
Round 24 Event Wild Card     Wild Card