Aug 02, 2014

Surfline Official Forecast - Final Day

BRIEF OVERVIEW: Sunday will be nearly a repeat of today.

SUNDAY the 3rd: Small mix of SW swell and NW windswell, while a new SSW Iselle swell fills in over the afternoon and night.
SURF: Nearly a repeat of Saturday. Mainly waist high or less all day (1-2’ occasional 3’ faces), with inconsistent waves/peaks that are slightly bigger (3’+) during the best tides. Scattered little peaks, corners, and sections. Watching for more consistency on 2-3’ sets later in the afternoon into the evening as the new SSW tropical swell fills in, unfortunately not likely before the last final is over.
WIND: Calm to light/variable wind in the morning, before light to moderate SW'erly flow rises up into the afternoon. Marine layer in the early morning (chance for some patchy fog as well), then staying mostly cloudy all day with a 20% chance for showers.
TIDES: 1.9’ LOW @ 7:54am, 4.7’ HIGH @ 3:14pm

- Jonathan Warren

This forecast is provided as part of an event consulting agreement recognizing Surfline as the official forecaster for the Vans US Open of Surfing. Your organization is free to publish this forecast information and release it to the press under the condition that Surfline is credited as the source of the forecast information.