Aug 02, 2015

Dennis Enarson Wins Van Doren Invitational BMX Champion Title

The world’s best BMX riders from all around the world converged in heated competition as the 2015 Van Doren Invitational came to a close this afternoon. Thousands of fans filled the Vans Pro Bowl stadium on the sand in Huntington Beach to watch the highest level of BMX riding from a variety of expert levels. San Diego’s Dennis Enarson earns first place honors and a $10,000 prize, highlighting an outstanding final run packed with variety and flow, and capped off by an incredible whip transfer from the deep end and over the elbow. Defending 2014 Van Doren Invitational champion and Vans team rider Gary Young claims second place, demonstrating a clean and fast performance, followed closely by fellow Vans teammate Daniel Sandoval in third, who continually raised the bar heat after heat.

Rounding out the top 5 was the nearly flawless Sergio Layos of Madrid and Larry Edgar of Corona. Layos flowed endlessly, while Edgar boosted his performance to impressive heights. Additional competition honors were awarded to Larry Edgar for Best Trick and South Africa's Greg Illingworth for Best Line.

1st Place: Dennis Enarson

2nd Place: Gary Young

3rd Place: Daniel Sandoval

Check out the finals results and if you missed any of the action, make sure to relive it all at our Contest Analyzer.


Final Results

1: Dennis Enarson - 90.23

2: Gary Young - 87.56

3: Daniel Sandoval - 87.22

4: Larry Edgar - 86.84

5: Sergio Layos - 86.28

6: Pat Casey - 85.06

7: Scotty Cranmer - 83.65

8: Chase Hawk - 82.50

9: Dan Foley - 82.01

10: Matt Cordova - 81.90

11: Clint Reynolds - 81.73

12: Kevin Kalkoff - 81.65

13: Corey Bohan - 80.99

14: Kris Fox - 80.48

15: Kevin Peraza - 79.88

16: Tyler Fernengel - 77.64

17: Alex Hiam - 77.36

18: Sebastian Keep - 76.86

19: Matt Roe - 74.98

20: Trey Jones - 74.44