Aug 01, 2015

By Jonathan Warren / Surfline

Brief Overview

New/modest SSW swell builds in over Sunday to maintain contestable surf through the Finals. Wind/tide conditions will continue to be best in the morning.

SUNDAY 2nd: New/modest SSW swell builds in – Strongest late.

Swell/Surf:  A new SSW swell builds in through the day, while the old SW energy continues to ease out. Surf will hang mainly around knee-waist high+ all day, with occasional belly-chest high waves. The afternoon will be a little more frequent on the sets up to the waist-chest high zone.

Wind/Weather: Light/variable wind in the early to mid morning, gradually increasing through the second half of the morning and becoming moderate+ from the SW-WSW in the afternoon (10-13kts). Some cloud cover early, then clearing up rather quickly to sunny skies.

Tides: -0.7’ low at 5:20am, 5’ high at 11:41am, 1.3’ low at 5:14pm.