Jun 20, 2017

BMX Park World Championship: Top Contenders

The three main contenders for the first ever BMX Park World Championship in Huntington Beach are Sergio, Larry, and Dennis.

Sergio Layos is the current points leader heading into the finals with an outstanding three-for-three podium finishes. These events are right up Sergio’s alley with the way he naturally rides. He looks so solid out there!

Larry Edgar is also right up there in points and has developed into a bit of an icon at Vans BMX Pro Cup. The crowd at each stop has been very loud whenever Larry takes the course, maybe because he goes higher than anyone. He was probably unlucky not to win Malaga, with the judges hoping to see more from him in the Finals and that encouraged him to ride differently in Mexico where he took 2nd place. Larry could very much win HB.

Dennis Enarson is capable of winning every event he attends and has actually been flying into these events early to get situated with the course. In Australia, Dennis fell short of a win, with a close call giving it to Sergio. Dennis said the park in Mexico was least preferred for his riding style and he took 5th. He has won in HB in the past (2015), and an injury kept him out of the finals in 2016 after qualifying first in the Semifinal.

The way these events go, whoever is on for the day is going to win. It might be Gary Young, Kevin Peraza, Jason Watts, Pat Casey, Chase Hawk or Corey Walsh. The Regional Qualifier guys are all worthy of their spots.

The series has been fantastic thus far. The riders have formed great friendships and strengthened others. They cheer for each other. It’s not the most competitive arena, instead it's all about doing the best you can and contributing to the show!

There are a ton of stars that are all capable of doing well with so many possibilities and endless situations for the outcome in Huntington Beach, we can only wait and see!

By Colin Mackay

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