Jun 10, 2017

Vans BMX Pro Cup: Heading Into Huntington

With the inception of the Vans BMX Pro Cup for 2017, bowl riders around the world have been planning trips and taking advantage of this global series. We took the tour on the road and there was literally a-stop-near-you, so if you were a passionate bowl rider there was no excuse not to attend one. We set up camp in Australia, Spain and Mexico and all three events provided three different situations. We had almost non-stop rain in Sydney, Australia; extreme heat in Guadalajara, Mexico and then there was Malaga, Spain. I’d say it was as near perfect as it could be. The park, the weather and the atmosphere were collectively a complete success. 

The Regional Qualifiers have introduced some rippers to the world who will be sending it in Huntington Beach. Stop 1 Winner Australian, Boyd Hilder, Stop 2 Winner Australian, Chris James and Stop 3 Winner Brazilian, Cauan Madona are all legit riders worthy of the spots they earned for the finals. 

By Colin Mackay

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