Gary Young warming up at the Vans Pro Park. Photo: Justin Kosman
Aug 01, 2017

Vans BMX Pro Cup World Championships Finale to Bring Showstopping Performances to Huntington Beach

The Vans BMX Pro Cup Series will culminate in Huntington Beach, CA this week for the series’ inaugural World Championships event on August 4 & 6, in conjunction with the largest action sports event in the world, the Vans US Open. As the definitive platform for BMX park terrain competition, the Vans BMX Pro Cup will host the world’s best men and women BMX riders in their final race to win the maiden Vans BMX Pro Cup World Championship titles.

Celebrating the series’ competition debut earlier this year, the Vans BMX Pro Cup World Championships caps off an exhilarating tour through Australia, Spain, Mexico and the United States, and arrives this weekend for the final showdown at the prestigious Vans US Open. The Vans Pro Park, a custom, built-to-spec, all-cement park terrain course built directly on the sand in Huntington Beach, will offer new levels of difficulty to the World Championships HB event, featuring a brand-new spine, multiple hips, an island box jump and setback extensions with an open, deep-end pocket that provide opportunity for endless lines and creativity.

Vans BMX Pro Cup Series World Championships Huntington Beach Schedule:

Friday, August 4 
Vans BMX Pro Cup World Championships - SEMI-FINALS (LIVE WEBCAST)

Sunday, August 6
Vans BMX Pro Cup Women’s – SEMI-FINALS & FINALS
Vans BMX Pro Cup World Championships – FINALS (LIVE WEBCAST)

The Vans BMX Pro Cup World Championship semi-finals and finals will be broadcasted live on Friday, August 4 and Sunday, August 6.

Witness the excitement this week as top tour pros Sergio Layos and Larry Edgar go up against regional qualifiers Boyd Hilder, Ryan Nyquist and wildcard riders Trey Jones and Benn Pigot for a historic battle to claim the first Vans BMX Pro Cup World Championship title.

Vans BMX Pro Cup Series Pros:

Alex Hiam  (AUS)
Chase Hawk  (USA)
Clint Reynolds  (USA)
Corey Bohan  (AUS)
Corey Walsh  (CAN)
Dakota Roche  (USA)
Dan Foley  (USA)
Daniel Sandoval  (USA)
Dennis Enarson  (USA)
Dylan Lewis  (AUS)
Gary Young  (USA)
Greg Illingworth  (ZAF)
Jason Watts  (AUS)
Kevin Peraza  (USA)
Kris Fox  (USA)
Larry Edgar  (USA)
Luis Medina  (MEX)
Matt Cordova  (USA)
Matty Cranmer  (USA)
Maxime Charveron  (FRA)
Pat Casey  (USA)
Sergio Layos  (ESP)
Tom Dugan  (USA)
Tyler Fernengel  (USA)

Vans BMX Pro Cup Qualifiers & Wildcards:

Boyd Hilder  (AUS)
Cody Pollard  (AUS)
Ryan Nyquist  (USA)
Chris James  (AUS)
Ben Wallace  (GBR)
Lima Eltham  (GBR)
Cauan Madona  (BRA)
Jose Gabriel Torres Gomez  (MEX)
Caio Sousa  (BRA)
Ronnie Napolitan  (USA)
Jamie Cooper-Ellis  (USA)
Brandon Loupos  (AUS)
Kevin Kalkoff  (FRA)
Trey Jones  (USA)
Benn Pigot  (AUS)
Parker Heath  (USA)

Vans BMX Pro Cup Womens Competitors:

Angie Marino  (USA)
Dani Windhausen  (USA)
Ellie Chew   (NZD)
Hannah Roberts  (USA)
Minato Oitke  (JPN)
Nikita Ducarroz  (USA)
Nina Buitrago  (USA)
Perris Benegas  (USA)
Nikki Wetzel  (USA)
Katie Day  (AUS)
Macarena Perez  (CHL)
Teresa Azcoaga  (CHL)
Tania Torres Reyes  (MEX)
Margarita Valenzuela  (MEX)
Brittany Campbell  (USA)
Jesse Gregory  (USA)
Sarah Lampert  (USA)

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