Vans BMX Pro Cup Top Riders

Sergio Layos

Age: 32

Madrid, Spain

Sergio has had three consecutive podium appearances during this year’s Vans BMX Pro Cup series, making him a star contender to watch in the first ever VPC world-championships. Vans Europe team rider, Sergio is highly regarded as one of Europe’s finest BMX talents.


Larry Edgar

Age: 24

Corona, CA USA

Vans BMX flow team rider, Larry has made two podium appearances in this season’s VPC series, taking third in Sydney, AUS and second in Guadalajara, Mexico.


Kevin Peraza

Age: 22

Tuscon, Arizona USA

Vans BMX global team rider, Kevin is a crowd favorite no matter where he goes in the world. His positive personality and technical trick selection makes him a top contender for this year’s VPC World Championship contest.


Dennis Enarson

Age: 26

San Diego, CA USA

Dennis’s effortless style claimed him second-place at the first VPC Sydney Global Qualifier. Dennis has found himself amongst the top 6 riders at every Global Qualifier stop this season.


Jason Watts

Age: 24

Brisbane, Queensland AUS

Vans BMX global team rider and VPC underdog, Jason took first place at the Global Qualifier in Guadalajara, Mexico. Jason’s unique riding style and trick variety gives him high chances to perform well in Huntington Beach, CA.


Chase Hawk

Age: 31

Austin, Texas USA

Chase Hawk took first place at the VPC Global Qualifier in Malaga, Spain during his first series appearance of the season.


Corey Walsh

Age: 22

Ayr, Ontario Canada

22-year-old Corey took home second-place at the VPC Malaga, Spain Global Qualifier.


Gary Young

Age: 34

San Diego, CA USA

Vans BMX global team rider, Gary Young’s consistent performance and strong riding style has earned him in the top 10 rankings in every VPC Global Qualifier stop, making him a top contender for this year’s VPC World Championship.


Matt Cordova

Age: 27

Longmont, Colorado USA

Vans BMX flow team rider took home first-place at the 2016 Van Doren BMX invitational and is looking for a podium spot at this year’s VPC World Championship.


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