Vans BMX Pro Cup Riders

Vans BMX Pro Cup Series 2018 Tour Pros:


Pat Casey

Age: 24

Hometown:  Placentia, California USA


Favorite park terrain trick? 360

Do you have a pre-contest ritual? No. Just show up and ride.

Favorite place to ride? MY HOUSE!


Matt Cordova

Age: 28

Hometown: Longmont, Colorado USA

Favorite park terrain trick? Favorite park trick would be a tabletop over a boosty left hip

Do you have a pre-contest ritual? No, I try to think of a contest as just another session. So keep it as mellow as possible beforehand.

Favorite place to ride? That would be the best skatepark ever, the Boulder skatepark in Colorado. Endless flow and grippy concrete, recipe for great times.


Matty Cranmer

Age: 21

Hometown:Jackson, New Jersey USA

Favorite park terrain trick? My favorite trick on a park course has got to be a suicide no hander!

Do you have a pre-contest ritual? A pre-contest ritual that I have is I must retie my left shoe just before my run and back pedal multiple times because I once got my shoe lace caught in my chain and broke my thumb. Freaks me out now!

Favorite place to ride? My favorite place to ride is easily The Incline Club in New Jersey, nothing like having one of the most amazing skateparks a couple miles from home.


Larry Edgar

Age: 25

Hometown: Corona, CA USA

You were the overall champion in the 2017 series, what do you think it’s going to take to back that title up? If I want to be the overall champion in 2018, it’s gonna take a lot of consistency, speed, style and longer runs.

I see you running a bit on Instagram. Does that mean we can expect longer runs from you in 2018? Yeah hopefully running helps with that.

What’s the last trick you learned that you just might utilize in the 2018 series? Uhh probably 360 flip and if the time is right, we’ll see.


Dennis Enarson

Age: 27

Hometown: San Diego, California USA

Favorite park terrain trick? Tailwhips are always fun in park.

Do you have a pre-contest ritual? No not really, just try and get a good nights sleep and make sure I have my lines dialed before the contest starts.

Favorite place to ride? My ramps in San Diego, or the Clairemont skatepark right now since my Ramps need a little work.


Chase Hawk

Age: 31

Hometown: Austin, Texas USA

Favorite park terrain trick? 360 Table

Do you have a pre-contest ritual? No ritual other than a lot of stretching and getting my body prepared for the contest. I try to keep my mind clear and visualize it as any other daily park session.

Favorite place to ride?  House Park in Austin, Texas


Parker Heath

Age: 20

Hometown: San Diego, California USA

Favorite park terrain trick? Probably the Cannonball!

Favorite place to ride? Clairemont Skatepark

Favorite rider to watch at these events?  Tough decision... Gary Young & Dennis Enarson


Alex Hiam

Age: 22

Hometown: Brisbane AUS

Favorite park terrain trick? 360 to fakie 

Do you have a pre-contest ritual? Stretch - relax - coffee - feel the hype

Favorite place to ride?  Any new city 


Boyd Hilder

Age: 22

Hometown: Gold Coast AUS

Favorite park terrain trick? Switch Down Whip 

Favorite place to ride? Pizzey Park on the Gold Coast

Favorite rider to watch? Dennis Enarson or Kevin Peraza 


Chris James

Age: 28

Hometown: Gold Coast AUS

Favorite park terrain trick? Lookback Air 

Do you have a pre-contest ritual? Pizzey Park, Gold Coast, Australia

Favorite rider to watch at these events?  Larry Edgar, 100%


Kevin Kalkoff

Age: 31

Hometown: Annecy, FRA

Favorite park terrain trick? Wall ride

Favorite place to ride? Hard to find one in particular, I feel like any bowls in Oregon, USA are good, this is definitely where I rode the best ones.

Favorite rider to watch at these events? So many’s but I’d say Bohan is the guy that make me stoked, they way he ride is just stylish!


Sergio Layos

Age: 33

Hometown: Madrid, ESP

Favorite park terrain trick? Ruben Alcantara’s bowl no doubt, riding trails always makes me happy and 360’s always feel too good!

Do you have a pre-contest ritual? Try to eat healthy and try to get my shelf on a calm and positive mind and try to make sure I have fun.   

Favorite place to ride? Malaga’s bowl!


Douglas Oliveira

Age: 27

Hometown: Sao Paulo, BRA 

Favorite park terrain trick? Top side Can-Can, Ice pic to bar, Fufanu, big airs

Favorite place to ride? My local park in São Bernardo do Campo

Favorite rider to watch? Dave Mirra, Morgan Wade


Kevin Peraza

Age: 23

Hometown: Tuscon, Arizona USA

Favorite park terrain trick? Favorite Park Terrain trick, I think any tabletop or superman indian air over a hip.

Do you have a pre-contest ritual? I do not have a pre-contest ritual but mainly just eat a good breakfast or good snack before so im not starving and thinking what I’m gonna eat after the contest mid air lol.

Favorite place to ride? I enjoy riding a little bit of everything but I can never get tired of riding Chandler Bike Park.


Cody Pollard

Age: 28

Hometown: Blackwater, AUS

Favorite trick? I don't really have a favorite. I do like when you pull back a little to much in an air and your back-end starts wrapping around you.

Favorite place to ride? Nimbin bowl, Australia 

Favorite riders to watch at the Vans BMX Pro Cup events? I dunno if this is a good answer but at the Huntington stop last year, going down early and watching Colin, DMC, Joe and Crandall for me was so badass!


Corey Walsh

Age: 23

Hometown: Ayr, Ontario CAN

Favorite park terrain trick? None, should probably learn some tricks.

Do you have a pre-contest ritual? I try not to at all, just do what I usually would, go ride or hangout with people, Gotta keep it fun.

Favorite place to ride? Hastings, Vancouver BC



Jason Watts

Age: 25

Hometown: Brisbane, Queensland AUS

Favorite park terrain trick? Table top

Do you have a pre-contest ritual? Having a good night out with all the dudes the night before to ease the nerves.

Favorite place to ride? Favorite place to ride is back home in Australia anywhere, where all the dudes are and the session is pumping.


Gary Young

Age: 35

Hometown: San Diego, California USA

Favorite park terrain trick? Table

Do you have a pre-contest ritual? No, but I should come up with some sort of eccentric ritual... maybe not.

Favorite place to ride? Too much of any one spot gets boring, so I like to switch it up a lot.


Clint Reynolds

Age: 32

Hometown: Austin, Texas USA


Alex Leibrock


Hometown: Colombus USA


Rim Nakamura


Hometown: JPN


Vans BMX Pro Cup Huntington Beach Qualifiers & Invitees:


Kris Fox                     USA

Corey Bohan             AUS

Cauan Madona          BRA

Paul Thoelen             DEU

Greg Illingworth         ZAF

Maxime Charveron    FRA

Tom Dugan               USA

Andres Gatica           CHL

Jose Torres               ARG

Ronnie Napolitan      USA

Chase Pauza            USA

Ever Peacock            USA

Jamie Cooper-Ellis    USA

John Wadlund           USA

Trey Jones                USA

Aaron Simone           USA

Dakota Roche           USA

Tom Van Den Bogaard  NLD

Brandon Loupos        AUS



Vans BMX Pro Cup Womens 2018 Tour Pros:


Teresa Azcoaga

Age: 24

Hometown: San Sebastian, ESP


Favorite trick? Toboggan

Favorite park to ride? Ruben's Park, Malaga

Favorite rider on the tour to watch? Sergio Layos and Kevin Peraza


Perris Benegas

Age: 23

Hometown: Reno, Nevada USA

Favorite trick? Toboggan 

Favorite park to ride? Ocean Beach, San Diego

Favorite rider on the tour to watch? Dennis Enarson


Nina Buitrago

Age: 37

Hometown: Austin, Texas USA

Favorite trick? “Nothing” 

Favorite park to ride? 5 Dock

Favorite rider on the tour to watch? Aww man I enjoy watching everyone, this is the best contest series out there!! Teresa Azcoaga for the ladies and Larry Edgar for the guys both go huge and get the crowd going wild!


Ellie Chew

Age: 25

Hometown: Paraparaumu, NZD

Favorite trick? Turndown

Favorite park to ride? Waikanae, New Zealand

Favorite rider on the tour to watch? Dennis Enarson


Jesse Gregory

Age: 16

Hometown: Huntington Beach, California USA


Angie Marino

Age: 28

Hometown: Buffalo, New York USA

Favorite trick? Tbog

Favorite park to ride? Chandler Bike Park, Arizona

Favorite rider on the tour to watch? Teresa Fernandez, Corey Walsh


Macarena Perez

Age: 21

Hometown: Santiago CHL 

Favorite trick? I love doing Tables but my favorite trick is an Indian air

Favorite park to ride? At the moment, Woodward West

Favorite rider on the tour to watch? Kevin Peraza


Hannah Roberts

Age: 16

Hometown: Buchanan, Michigan USA

Favorite trick? Flair

Favorite park to ride? The Kitchen in Indiana

Favorite rider on the tour to watch? Larry Edgar


Nikki Wetzel

Age: 27

Hometown: Tampa, Florida USA

Favorite trick? Fast plant  

Favorite park to ride? Anthem, Las Vegas

Favorite rider on the tour to watch? Kevin Peraza and the style of Matt Cordova


Dani Windhausen

Age: 30

Hometown:Austin, Texas USA




Vans BMX Pro Cup Huntington Beach Women's Qualifiers & Invitees:


Charlotte Worthington GBR

Emma Finnegan         GBR

Jamie Mchenry           USA

Nikita Ducarroz           CHE  

Anahi Valentina           EDU

Minato Oike                 JPN

Tania Torres Reyes    MEX

Elizaveta Posadskikh  RUS

Lara Lessmann           DEU

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